Flagship Podcast

Inside AXS

Inside AXS is a podcast about business knowledge, guest entrepreneurs, hot topics, and the latest business news. Join us as we interview entrepreneurs, influencers, and experts from today and the past and listen as they share their insights on the industry.

Community Resources


Bag52 offers exclusive resources in the form of banks, software, discounts, and more to its members. Bag52 screens all resources and products they offer. They want to provide members with everything they need and keep them updated on all the news and events. The service is accessible for free but you can also pay $25 a month for access to premium content.

Business Phone Service


KlickOver is a B2B hosted phone service available on a monthly basis. It offers full features like 411 listings, text and voice messaging, and we report your history to the credit bureaus. KlickOver offers the service as a monthly subscription which gives you unlimited incoming & outgoing calls, call logs, the ability to forward your number to any device of your choice (with the option to retain your current phone number), and more.

B2B Marketplace


Now, thanks to our marketplace, you can start building your credit history and grow your business with 1000+ name brand products that will help establish your credibility and provide the right foundation for success. You need business credit to build your company, but you can’t get it without experience. (requires credit approval)

Clothing Apparel

AXS Merch

AXS Merch is focusing on empowering entrepreneurs through the messages it conveys. They believe in spreading the message of entrepreneurship and making a difference for others who are just starting out. AXS Merch has a heavy focus on inspiring entrepreneurs and empowering them to follow their passion. As well as helping them build their brand.

Virtual Mail Services

AXS Virtual Mail

AXS Virtual mail provides a virtual address to businesses looking to monitor their mail digitally. We are monthly plans and provide digital scanning, shredding, in-person pickup, and more.